The Japanese Language Courses

The Japanese language courses

There are two types of Japanese language courses. One is offered as one of the general education subjects, the other is the course offered by ISC.

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The general education subject: Japanese

Students who take this course can get a credit according to the grade given by the lecturer. The goals of this course are to acquire the language ability which allows one to understand subjects offered by faculties and graduate schools in Japanese and to perform class activities such as asking questions, performing presentations, making reports, etc.. In the intermediate classes and advanced classes, international students learn grammar, kanji (Chinese characters), vocabulary, practice reading, listening, writing and speaking.

The Japanese language course offered by ISC

This additional course is offered by ISC in response to a request from faculties and graduate schools for help. The aim of this course is to have the students assigned to the elementary classes by the placement test(J-CAT) at the beginning of the term. The lecturers give the scores to the students, but the granting of credits depends on the decision of the faculties. This course is simply additional, so there is the possibility of it not being offered.

Taking the Japanese language courses

The students should adjust the courses to match their Japanese language abilities. The results of J-CAT are the best indicator of one’s Japanese language abilities. This course is offered both in the first and second terms. This means that it is possible to accumulate the credits.


J-CAT is carried out at the beginning of the first and second terms. For the students who take this course, it is mandatory to take J-CAT. The score of J-CAT is the only material for the placement of three classes. The score of J-CAT is also one of theimportant factors for the final decision of YUTAKA scholarship (B), therefore the students who intend to apply to that scholarship must take J-CAT.

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