Introduction of Yamaguchi University

1.Access to Yamaguchi University
It takes 1 hour and half from Tokyo by airplane, 2 hours from Osaka by superexpress to Yamaguchi Prefecture. Yamaguchi University has three campuses: Ogushi campus and Tokiwa campus in Ube city, and Yoshida campus in Yamaguchi city.

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2.Faculties and Schools
Yamaguchi University has Faculties of Humanities, Education, Economics, Science and Agriculture in Yoshida campus, the School of Medicine in Ogushi campus and the Faculty of Engineering in Tokiwa campus. It also has Graduate schools of Humanities, Education, Economics, Science and Engineering, Medicine, Agriculture, East Asian Studies, Innovation and Management of Technology and the United Graduate School of Veterinary Sciences.

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3.International Students of Yamaguchi University
309 international students from 29 countries are studying at Yamaguchi University (as of 2008.5.1). Most of them are students from Asian countries, but several students from Africa, Europe and South America are also studying here.

4.School Expenses
School expenses are as follows (as of 2008.10.1). When revisions of school expenses are made, we inform you on this page.
Degree Students

Authorization Fee
Admission Fee
Tuition per Semester 
Tuition per Year
Undergraduate Students
Graduate Students

Degree Students

Authorization Fee
Admission Fee
Research, Academic Students
Per Month 29,700yen
Per Unit 14,800yen

5.Admission Times
The time of entrance for undergraduates and graduate students is basically in April, but that of some graduate schools is in October. Please ask each school for further information.

6.Japanese Language Courses
Japanese language courses are offered to undergraduates as subjects of general education. There are courses for beginners, intermediate students and advanced students. So you can take a course according to your abilities of Japanese. All the courses are acknowledged as credits for undergraduates. Moreover, the students who do not need credits but want to audit can take a course with a permission of the lecturer.

7.Support Systems
Degree students can basically use the tutor system as long as one year. In this system, Japanese senior students help international students study and live in Japan. Each international student can have one supporting Japanese senior student.

International Student Center, Yamaguchi University
1677-1 yoshida, yamaguchi-shi, yamaguchi, 753-8511

山口大学 留学生センター
〒753-8511 山口県山口市吉田1677-1
TEL:083-933-5982 FAX:083-933-5988


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